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    ePO 3.6.1 conflict with BES

      I have a client using ePO 3.6.1 and their IT Department installed BES for their new Blackberrys. BES uses one of the same ports as ePO and now we cannot log into the ePO. The error we receive is that the password is incorrect, the network is not functioning correctly or the ePO server is not running. The ePO server is running correctly since the workstations are getting updates. I believe that only the management GUI has been lost.

      I tried to change the server.xml file that configures some of the ePO ports and could get to the ePO server to see the current logs through the unsecured HTML port. I tried to change the secured HTML port to see if I could navigate via a browser without success.

      Is there a way to reconfigure the management ports (XML file, registry or command line?) without removal and reinstallation?

      thank you