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    Failed to open remote system environment, system error: access denied - Mcafee agent

      Im trying to roll out the McAfee agent (v4.x) to Vista and 2008 clients on a domain. When I select the clients and perform a manual roll out, I get the erorr stated above.

      I have tried to roll out to 20 clients. 5 vista, 15 2008. Only 1 of the vista clients has accepted the agent and only 1 of the 2008 clients has accepted the agent. The rest generate the error stated above.

      The clients that have received the agent are exactly the same as the ones who have rejected it. I am working with sysprep'd windows images. No difference between them.

      Anyone know what might be causing this? VERY Annoying.

      Also, is there a suggestions forum where you can offer input in to the console?