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    McAfee HIPS 2919




      I have an issue with getting the hips to stay enabled. From the Firewall UI window the status of host IPS stays enabled but the network IPS disables automatically. I also get a crossout (Ghostbusters) indicator that pops up on the shield. I tried to manually uninstall and reinstall but no joy. I looked in the logs and this is what I have.


      error (5040) register runtime FW policy, failed to register the point product (80000003)

      error (5040) build Policy FW_Runtime, failed to register with firecore

      error (5040) hip for BuildPolicyFW_Runtime, failed to build runtime policy


      This happens on version 2589 of HIPS as well. The agent I'm running is 4.8 0.1938


      Thanks for any help.