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    Help... Anyone Able to Reproduce this?


      I have an issue with saving a scheduled task.  I am trying to create a scheduled task that runs at system startup, with a 5 minute delay.   The only problem is when I save the task the delay always reverts to 0 when saving and going back into the task.   Not sure if this is a bug with the latest agent extension or hotfix, etc.


      If anyone can reproduce this please let me know... As support of course can't reproduce this and I will be put through the wringer with endless back and forth sending logs, etc.



      McAfee Agent - Product Deployment

      Schedule Type:     At system startup

      Problem changing this value --> Delay this task by XX minutes


      Server Versions



      Java Version:1.8.0_72
      Tomcat Version:7.0.55
      Apache Version:2.4.16
      OpenSSL Version:1.0.2h


      Agent Extension

      Name:McAfee Agent



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          Hi cdobol,


          I have just tested this in a lab environment and I am able to reproduce using both the MA 5.0.4 and 5.0.3 Extensions in ePO 5.3.2.

          As a result it would suggest a problem with the ePO 5.3.2 build - I will apply the latest hotfix to the ePO server and see if that resolves the issue.


          If it does not I will raise a support case as well.


          Kind regards,



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            Thank you for the sanity check.  As it turns out from our testing the delay value does get saved, but it always displays zero.  I haven't heard anything from our SR yet, but I assume this is a bug in the agent management extension as well.