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      Is there a way to get some more informations for entries like this?


      [2016-08-25 05:48:42.399 +00:00] [UtilsFilterPlugin] [InvalidPropertyParameter] 'JSON filter: GetPropertyValue': Parameters for property 'com.scur.engine.jsonfilter.getbyname' are invalid, reason: 'first parameter should be a map'


      In which rule? The value of the property....???



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          Hi Frank,


          I don't think there is a way to make the error message more helpful... at least without touching the code. The message is shown when a property is called which expects JSON as parameter (for example a user-defined property of type JSON), but the parameter is not JSON but a string. I had a couple of problems with that error message in an environment where we fetched group information info a JSON objects, the error message was thrown whenever I tried to lookup a group from my JSON property, but the property was empty because no user groups were retrieved.


          Unfortunately I have no more help to offer at this stage.




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            I found the problem...

            I used the following way.... maybe this helps others also:

            I wrote an error handler for Error.id 10004. This was the error.id i found in the documentation for this message.

            In this ruleset i stored the property rule.name and topruleset name in a string and wrote this in a dedicated logfile.

            With this information I got the rule which created the error message.

            After this I extended the error handler with all variables I used in the rule which created the error message...

            And voila... there was a wrong syntax in the JSON answer for some requests.