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    2 Virus Scan


      today i install 8.5 and now i have 2 virus scan 8.0 , 8.5

      1- there is any probelm if i remove the 8.0 ??

      if i remove the old one , what will be happen to the machines which they have 8.0 ???

      2- i uninstall the 8.0 from one machine and push the agent again and the machine take 8.0 !!! why dosnt take the new one 8.5 ??!!!
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          Its no issue having 8, I always keep 8 around to be able to manage this fully.
          Check your deployment task has remove 8 and install 8.5 set and not install 8.0

          PS depending on how your update and deployment tasks are set you may see the following:

          1) new agent connects to EPO passes props and then runs update task
          2) agent updates VSE 8.0 that is alreadfy installed to latest versions
          3) agent finally gets around to running the deployment task that was on time delay due to the update task running and removes 8.00
          4) agent now installs 8.5
          5) agent updates 8.5 to latest level