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    Repository order


      I have a group and have an Agent General policy set to "use order in repository list"... 1 ePOSA_server, 2 EPO_server, 3 McAfeeHttp.


      How can I tell if the agents on the client systems with the SuperAgent system are grabbing updates from the SuperAgent?

      Would it be wise to "disable" EPO_server and McAfeeHttp to force updates only from the ePOSA_server to prevent all the computers connecting out of their site and specified ePOSA_server?



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          just build a new query and make sure you add "sitename" at page 2 whil creating the new query. I do not post you an example for how to configure such thing because you will have your own specific set of informations you need to see.


          Go to "Queries & Reports", click on "new" select "Events" and choose "Client Events".  Then make sure you choose "Site Name" at any of the possibilites in choosing what to show and just go further until the query is finish. Start configuring as you need the information.

          For example in filter section you can thoroughly configure which Clients are to be shown in the result (only from Domain A or only with Agent xyz or only client names which begin with "PC-xyz-123..." and so on...).


          I hope this gives you an idea where to find and how to show the informations about the repositorys/super agents you need.



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            Thanks Don!