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    how to install epo agent manually on workgroup systems

      hi friends i am suffering with this problem.
      i copied file frampkg.exe from epo server and shared this file on network.
      i went on client system open shared file when i run this executable file using this command frampkg.exe/install=agent i am getting one erorr messagec:\windows\temp\unz103.tmp\sitelist.xml does not have a epo server entryafter that i thougt may be i am using command wrong i tried to found i swith to dos promt in that i select the drive in which frampkg.exe file located i will show you what i type d:\frampkg.exe/? i got one dailog box in that it shows me some method to install this file but i am not succseed. if any one know the solutions please give me the solutions its my humble request. i will be thank full to him.