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    DLP 94.1 importing


      Does anyone know how or where you can import a list of serial numbers under Device definitions for USB devices/ removable media storage?  How do I import a csv with several entries into one Definition?  It can be done in DLP 9.3 but not 9.4.1.

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          Correct, that feature was removed in 9.4.x and later.  It was replaced with the feature to create a device definition based on the device parameters directly from the DLP incident manager.  So, if you have a rule set to monitor attached USB devices it will generate an incident in the incident manager; if you then select the incident it will have an option to 'Export Device Parameters' > 'Removable storage device'.  If you select multiple incidents with different devices it will create the device definition with the appropriate 'or' statements.  If you would like the .csv import/export feature to be added product functionality requests can be submitted here:  Intel Security Ideas Forum: Latest