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    Out of Date Engine - but not Dat... or

      I am posting here, but this is not my only search, but I am attacking on all fronts.
      I have a situation in my environment, where 65.9% of my machines say they are Out of Date Engine,

      and 33.8 say Out of Date Engine and DAT

      90% of the machiens seem to be checking in with the server regularly, so what would cause systems to have an up to date DAT, but not an up to date Engine...

      I can almost understand, or troubleshoot an out date dat and engine....... but not sure why 1 or the other would not get updated, when the other is?

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          what engine and dat are they showing? (the ones that say they are out of date)
          what version of VSE are they running?
          what version of EPO/PP are you running?
          are they showing as checked in up to date in EPO/PP?
          if you wake them up and demand full properties are they then up to date?
          have you checked your update tasks are working?
          dont forget that at logon tasks dont work... use immediate or timed
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            As an update, someone introduced the new 5300 beta into the environment, thus the console was reporting that value as the latest DAT. Actually, my environment is only using 5200.2160, thus, the reporting is correct, so everything seems to be working fine.

            But to answer your question
            From looking at the About section on the epo /mcafee icon I got the following:

            Mcafee AutoUpdate
            - Version
            Product Coverage Report
            - Version
            Mcafee VirusScan Enterprise Workstation
            - Version
            Virus Definitions
            - Version - 5322.0000
            Install Date - 6/20/2008 12:32:56PM
            Created On - 6/20/2008
            Scan Engine
            - Version 5200.2160
            - Install Date - 6/17/2008 7:07:30PM
            - Version - 5
            - Install Date - 6/17/2008 7:07:30 PM
            Mcafee AntiSpyware Enterprise Module
            - Version -

            epo Agent
            - Version