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    ENS 10.2 - Web control - installation issue


      English is not my primary language so sorry for mistakes


      I'm actually testing ENS 10.2 on a few computers (actually 20, in a few days 200 as alpha and beta) in my domain.


      10.2 is more stable and clearly better than 10.1.2 and if you add the TIE for ENS 10.2 addon, it seems to be now the correct ENS product to work with. I like especially the DAC module added to TIE and the IPS integration.


      But i found a funny issue recently.


      On some computers, when you install the Web control module, even if ePO told you that instalaltio was successful, you 'll find that files are all writed on correct directories, all is presnet except the fact that the service is not registered.into windows.


      we found that if we execute this code for service registration...


      WebControl2 binpath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Web Control\mfewc.exe"


      then WC interface is now working for administratino purpose. But of course it is not enough to see it working into IE.


      we will continue our test to see if nothing on the computer can explain this issue.