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    1401-c1 NGFW


      I'm new to the mcafee/stonesoft product line but am familiar with the Cisco ASA product line so I'm familiar with basic firewall functionality. 

      My office purchased a new 1401-c1 NGFW and I'm having issues configuring and have a few basic questions.  Pretty sure the box shipped with 5.7 code.


      1.  I'm a little confused by the term SMC.  Is this complexity a requirement as I only have one firewall and will manage it locally via the admin console?

      2.  I'm unable to bring a USB stick into the office so I have no way to configure as the document states to build config on laptop and then plubg USB into firewall to upload.

      3.  I did manage to configure the outside/management interface, mask, and default gw via a crash cart plugged into the video port but it seems this did not enable a rule for the admin console to connect via port 9003.


      Thanks in advance for any pointers!