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    Small business security - Installation incomplete: Try installing them again.


      Hi Guys,

      I'm a little lost on this error I'm receiving.

      I can't install small business security on my laptop.


      Laptop is:


      HP Elitebook

      Windows 10 Pro 64bit

      16GB of RAM

      1.5 HDD


      Issue just started on the last windows update.

      Restarted after the update and all of the sudden real time protection kept turning off.

      I would re-enable it and seconds later it would be off again.

      I also notice that I was missing (can't remember exactly the name) a file named mcagent.exe.

      I uninstalled the product, thinking I could just reinstall it.

      Not the case in my situation. It gets to part 3 of the installation and gives me the error attached.


      As anyone else had this problem? Or know of a fix?

      Here is what I've tried so far:


      1. Reinstall. Didn't work.



      2. Use MCPR.exe to do clean up

      3. Restart computer.

      4. Use MVT.exe

      5. Restart computer

      6. Reinstall. Didn't work.



      7. Do steps 2 to 5 again.

      8. Remove all C++ Redistributables.

      9 Restart computer.

      10. Install latest C++ Redist.

      11. Restart computer.

      12. Reinstall. Didn't work.



      13. Do steps 2 to 5 again.

      14. Uninstall C++ 2010 Redist.

      15. Restart computer.

      16. Install C++ 2010 Redist.

      17. Restart computer.

      18. Reinstall.  Didn't work.



      19. Do steps 2 to 5 again.

      20. Disable windows defender.

      21. Restart computer.

      22. Reinstall.  Didn't work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.