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    Agent not pushing


      Hello, I am very new to ePO as I just inherited it from a former employee. Anyway, I have been trying to figure some things out and have been successful for the most part but there is one item in particular that I am struggling with. I have roughly 80 machines that have the McAfee agent installed but it's an older version. So, I have attempted to deploy agent, update and wake up agent in attempts to get these machines updated. I do not get a failed message on the server log but the machines never update. Another item is; I can ping these machines but the last time they communicated with the ePO server ranges from a few hours ago to months ago.


      Any thoughts or advice?


      Thank you!!

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          Could you please specify the version of the agent currently installed and which version you want to install or upgrade??




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            The ePO is version 5.3 and the agent on the machines in question is 5700.7163. I am trying to push 5800.7501

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              Hello Habbolooey


              You can try append the update task to include the engine 5800 version. Are those endpoints , up to dat in terms of dats ? youcan redeploy the agent with the force install option, and see it that helps with the engine upgrade.



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                Not all are updated with the current .dat files. That is another item of issue. I have done a "Wake up Agents", Update Now and Deploy Agent as well as using the "force install" option. I have no idea why these machines will not receive the new engine or even .dats on some ....


                This is becoming increasingly frustrating and I am wondering if I need to manually uninstall and then attempt to reinstall.