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    Network shares respond slow after enabling solidcore


      Hi, I'm running MAC 7.0.1 on a server ( 2008 R2) and Client (Win 7 ultimate). When sharing a folder from the Win 2008 server to the Windows 7 Ultimate PC, if I enable soldicore on the Server hosting the folder share the share becomes unusable and any application that attempts to access files in the share from the client PC hangs (e.g. Notepad opening a text file on the share). If I disable solidcore on the server the Client PC can access the share without any issues. Even switching the server status to update mode doesn't help. Disabling all MAC features on the server doesn't help either. The server has no issues accessing it's own share during all tests. The state of MAC on the client doesn't have any effect on the symptoms (disabling or enabling MAC on the client makes no difference to the share problem, it's just the server status that has an effect).


      ive opened a ticket with McAfee for this but wondered if this has been encountered before.


      Has anyone else had this issue?