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    VSE 8.8 Patch 5 causing buffer over runs on device driver


      Good Morning,


      Ever since VSE Patch 5 was deployed into our environment, we have had an issue with a custom device driver whereby it causes a Blue Screen of Death if the device is connected while the system boots. If the device is connected after the system has started up there are no issues.


      It seems to be that when the device is connected, it will load the underlying driver since it is set to load on demand and this causes a buffer over run crash. I have tried disabling the new Buffer Overrun Protections that I believe were included as part of Patch 4,(we were previously running Patch 2 which I believe lacked some of these features). This has made no difference. We are using HIPS so I presume that these protections are largely replaced by this anyway?


      The crash appears to be caused by the mfehidk.sys driver though this may be just what is on the stack at the time of the crash dump?


      Neither Patch 6 or Patch 7 appears to make any difference, so I am currently at loss as to what to do.


      Does anyone know of any other troubleshooting steps that can be tried in order to help narrow down or the issue?