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    4.0: Client tasks

      I need to set some client tasks for subgroups, and these client tasks are going to be different for these particular subgroups than for the rest of the major groups. For example, I want to deploy VSE 8.5 to most of the organization, but for these subgroups I need to uninstall VSE 8.5, and install 8.0 instead.

      But I can't figure out how to do this. It seems like I need to break the inheritance of the VSE 8.5 deployment client task first (before I create a new task to deploy 8.0 for that subgroup), but I cannot see how to break inheritance for client tasks in the docs. Without breaking the inheritance of the 8.5 deployment client task, won't the newly deployed 8.0 get overwritten when the 8.5 deployment task runs?

      Has anyone done this before, or is there another better way to do what I want?