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    EETech64 Bootable USB


      I created a bootable USB with EETech64 on it.  I can see the drive but EETech doesn't identify the Disk Alg.  I have selected File Authentication and gave it the file for my machine and it shows the correct ALG then.  But I cannot access the encrypted drive.  As soon as I click on it it just hangs, no errors nothing.


      If I don't use the File authentication and click on Token it hangs there.  it takes the code of the day no problem.


      The files I have for the EEtech disk refer to a MfeEEAlg.sys file that I do not have.  Instead I have mfeccde.sys which I use the same way as the MfeEEAlg.sys is referred to in the inf file.

      Short of any error I can't figure out what is missing or why it is hanging.