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    Upgrading 8.8.0 P1 & 8.8.0 P2 to 8.8.0 P4




      I am having problem upgrading 8.8.0 P2 to 8.8.0 P4 via ePO 4.6.6. Status shows green but no update at the client machine.


      ePO currently has VSE880LMLRP4 repost package checked in. VSE880P4 is not checked in separately. My questions:


      1) Will ePO be able to upgrade the patch in clients with repost package or do I need to check in patch 4 separately?

      2) Where can I find VSE880P2? I understand that clients with patch 1 needs to be upgraded to patch 2 first, then patch 4 in 64-bit machines.