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    Login issues?


      Instead of remaining logged in, I keep getting weird login prompts when I click on login. It does work otherwise.


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                              We are aware of this and other graphical issues, and have been reported. They have informed us they are taking steps as we speak to resolve them. All is due to a 'New Platform Update' last month. Thank you for reporting this issue as well.


          All the Best,



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            That original graphic was from IE, which I rarely use and probably has never logged into McAfee before. It's even weirder with my normal FIrefox:



            You have to guess on most everything. Even the buttons at the bottom of this post are messed up:


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              Peter M

              OMG.  I better not comment.........


              Thanks for providing us with fodder for the bug reports.

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                Now that is interesting. I use Chrome and Firefox, and in Chrome I see the same as you posted for IE. I'm pretty sure it was the same in Firefox. So perhaps the browser makes a difference? Or one of the add-ons in a browser? Fodder indeed for Jive's bug reports.

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                  Peter M

                  The forum leader monitors this area so it will be noted, I am sure of that.

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                    It's possible it may be due to what is cached? I'm not going to flush the cache just to test since this is known issue. Probably why there haven't been many posts. Unless you are somewhat familiar with the web site, or just like taking chances on random-looking buttons, it's very hard to use.

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                      I would have to agree with you, flushing your Cache would not resolve the current issues we are seeing. Again thank you for your input For it adds substance to the various issues we have reported as Moderators. It actually hinders us as a whole, effectively making it difficult to Moderate the Community and perform necessary


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                        I'm using Chrome and am getting the same log in options as andyross and Hayton. There's also some weird looking options under the comment box:



                        I'm not sure if "Click to go to the next page" is working properly or not, as clicking it does nothing except make the text go bold. Clicking on "Action updated" opens a box with the word "Manage:" in it but doesn't seem to do anything else, and clicking "years" displays how many people found a post helpful...

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                          Yes, just what I see and have reported. No feedback on it as yet.

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