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    FingerTec Ingress


      Dear McAfee Support Team,


      I would highly appreciate if you can outline the state of whitelisting process for FingerTec Ingress processes and directories?


      From FingerTec support team, I was given the information that they have submitted their software to all antivirus companies


      however, my clients are still encountering problems with Ingress having conflicts with McAffee as described in the thread below;




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      Hi Brandon,



      Good day to you



      We assure you that winofis.exe file is not a virus/trojan. For your information, we have submitted Ingress software to most antivirus companies, to be added into the "whitelist". Some of these companies including Kaspersky, Symantec, and a few other antivirus companies did not provide any feedback even though we have contacted them several times. Thus these antiviruses detect some of the .exe and .dll files in Ingress as a virus/trojan.



      To overcome this issue temporarily, until these companies provide their feedback, we have suggested our clients to temporarily disable their antiviruses during Ingress installation, and after restarting the PC, they need to add Ingress folder into the "Exception"/"Exclusion" list of their antivirus, to avoid any file deletion by the antivirus.





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      Subject: Re: Subject : [16] Ingress Server Issue after MacAfee Scan    [ ]



      Dear Support Team,

                                        Please treat this matter with utmost urgency. As per thread below, I have updated the ingress and ingress server software to the latest version (v. from the Software Update feature as advised from one of your support rep.



      However, McAfee protection is still detecting Ingress process as a trojan. Even during Ingress update as can be seen in screenshot attached. Until 3 weeks ago there were absolutely no problems with T&A. It was only after a Mcafee update that all these issues cropped up! Please note that in this scenario, the company cannot disable the McAfee protection since the results can be catastrophic. It can only disable it for 5 minutes until an installation is complete.



      Having said that, we need McAfee to specifically modify the definitions to allow latest Ingress files and services to run without any conflicts. This is because, currently the Ingress server is not starting up automatically with windows it is requiring a manual intervention for it to run. Also, auto-download is not working for certain transactions and the generate feature is very inconsistent with regards to date period and its results. McAfee version details are shown in the third screenshot attached.



      Also, I am quite sure that this is not the only ingress installation with McAfee and so it is not the first issue of its kind. Please simulate the latest ingress software with the mcafee version described before suggesting any solution as we are not in a position to experiment in any way. These issues are resulting in a massive waste of time and resources for one of our major clients. I appreciate if the solution is documented step by step.



      Please advise on the best way forward ASAP!







      AIS Technology

      Bulebel, Malta








      McAfee version;






      Brandon Spiteri

      Support Engineer

      AIS Technology,

      Bulebel, Malta


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