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    CMA- where does ePO come in?

      New to this and planning to install Enterprise v8.5i (Requires CMA v3.6.0) on 35 PC's. I know i'll need Common Management Agent (CMA) v3.6.0 to manage the updates, installations etc and Alert Manager v4.7.0 (ePO 3.6.x Only) for alerts, right??

      Why does CMA text then keep refering to ePO -
      checking in the agent this..
      installing the realease into..

      my understanding from a previous post is that CMA is the replacement for ePO?

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          EPO and PP are managment tools that connect to the common management agent ona workstation and using policies tell it what to do, eg update software/ update DATS etc, they also provide a central location for checking patch/dat and virus status.

          (NOTE PP will be out of service soon and curent PP users should be looking at upgradeing to EPO or if they are small site users to managed AV where the management is done through a Mcafee hosted security centre)

          For people who dont want to know whats going on with their patch levels and run upgrades and installs or conduct reporting etc but just want VSE on desktops and to know about viruses, you could run VSE 8.5 (it will install its own version of CMA if there is not one already) and configure alert manager (obsolete) to pick up alerts.