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    McAfee Data Loss Prevention - Accidentally Installed - How to uninstall?


      Hi Everyone,


      I work in for a small company that is partnered with a much large corporation, this corporation provides our infrastructure etc. I have set up new computers in our small office back in March and when configuring these computers I have installed McAfee End Point Protection provided by the corporation thinking it was meant for us. Unfortunately the End Point Protection is for employees of the large corporation rather than the partnered businesses like the one I work for. Recently (last Wednesday) the end point software has updated and I have become unable to use our external back-up hard drive as DLP forces me into read only. I have contacted our IT help multiple times but they do not provide help for DLP as it appears they have opted out of this particular piece of software, there must be some sort of marker that registers someone as an employee of the corporation and prevents them from installing the DLP part, I don't have that so it has been installed (this is just a guess).


      I am unable to get a release code to uninstall the software, I have contacted corporate help but they want a Grant Number. I don't think my IT help line will provide that to me or contact Intel/McAfee on my behalf so I am stuck. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.


      Looking through these forums my issue seems to be the same as the below thread:

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