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    Preferred Superagent and Remote Repository Location

      This is my first ePO implamentation (4.0), and I am not sure which server type would be best for deploying super agents and their associed repositories.

      I have 35 school sites, each with a 2003 network service server (AD, DNS, DHCP), a general purpose file/print server, and an application server that houses that sites network applications such as student management system.

      From what I have read, this would be ideally suited for a super agent at each location. I also like the idea of the auto created repositories via the super agent.

      The hardware in all servers are HP DL380G4, dual Xeon 2.8Ghz, 4GB RAM, 100Mb/s network connection.

      Any experts out have any reccomendations are which of the three would make the best superagent/repository? I am leaning towards the network server to keep like services together, but I have some concern about utilization, network traffic, etc. I don't want to bog down my DC for that site.