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    DLP 9.4 and Windows 10 Issues



      I have EPO 5.3 Server.


      On client end I had Windows 8.1 Pro with McAfee Agent 4.8 , VSE 8.8.0  and DLP 9.3 so i just upgrade my windows to Windows 10 Pro removed DLP 9.3 as it was not supported by Windows 10 and install DLP 9.4 with Patch 2.


      We have almost 60 systems and observed that after installing DLP 9.4 Windows 10 Pro have following issues.


      Mouse and Keyboard Freeze

      Task bar hidden

      Cortana hide

      hang if system idles 5 mins

      Error appears when right click on desktop

      Outlook and Other application hangs


      The above issue comes randomly not a every time so at a time of moment i just restart system manually / Hard boot.When i uninstall DLP 9.4 Windows works fine.


      Unable to find any logs/clue on event viewer.


      Need and help and support.