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    Bitlocker encrypted VHD file + McAfee Drive Encryption



      I have an issue after installing Anniversary update for Windows 10. I have VHD file encrypted with Bitlocker located on C: drive. This drive was encrypted with McAfee Drive Encryption. Since I had to decrypt C: drive to install Anniversary update I moved VHD file to other unencrypted drive and  decrypted C: (through Epo policy). After updating windows I tried to mount VHD as usual but system does not prompt for password for Bitlocker encryption and partition is seen as RAW. I found very similar issue:

      windows 8.1 - BitLocker protected VHD volume corrupted - Super User

      What should I do to recover data from this VHD - Anniversary update is like new OS installation almost, I tried reverting back to old build but effect is similar - no prompt for password and RAW partition