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    following my adventures on PortalShield 3.5 (access to console denied)


      Hi All


      i finished to install MSMS 3.5 on our farm TEST environement.

      According to logs  : installation succeed

      Installation was made using farm account !


      In my farm i have two WFE - MSMS is installed on these two WFE.

      farm account is admin local on these WFE.

      One of these WFE hosts the SH central admin.


      One these WFE, i have :

      -service McaFee Portalshield correctly runing:


      -PSPickerx64srv correctly running with the farm account :

      -Web site "PortalShield" for the UI console correctly created running with app pool "MSMSAppPool" under farm acount :

      BUT when i start the web site i get this message ONLY in one WFE, it succeed in the WFE which hosts the central admin.

      I can swear the two WFE are similar.

      The only difference is that one of them hosts the central admin.


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