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    SNMPv3 encryption?



      is there someone out there using SNMPv3 with AES encryption?

      I have problems get it running and could need some help, since the MWG7 manual is not very informational about this.

      SNMPv3 is running well, if i disable the encryption for this. Therefore i assume, the User and the Password needs to be correct.

      The other side is PRTG-Monitor, which uses the MIB-File (converted to oidlib) to gain Informations about the Gateway.

      In general this works also fine. Only, that i dont know how to set the encryption.

      If i dont set the encryption-key in prtg it tells me that there is an "Authorization Error #16),

      if i set the encryption-key the same as the User-Password, i dont get any response any more.

      Now i really dont know how to set the encryption-password in MWG, because there is no field for this.