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    Failed to download file catalog.z from site update.nai.com:80, error code 12002


      Hi Team,


      We are getting the following error in ePO 5.1.1 version, for hourly updates and daily updates aswell since yesterday, we are not able to pull manually also

      we also checked that we are able to manually download the files from the mcafee updater site, looks proxy is working fine aswell.

      Below is the error we got in epoApsvr.log, we also checked multiple community discussions also but didn't find exact solution for this.


      20160808181056I#05784INETMGRDownloading file catalog.z from session 1, LocalDir=C:\Windows\TEMP\nai8532.tmp\00000000, RemoteDir=.
      20160808181056I#05784NAINET  Open URL: http://update.nai.com:80/Products/CommonUpdater/catalog.z
      20160808181056I#05784NAINET  Trying to download using Microsoft WinInet library
      20160808181056I#05784NAINET  Conneting to Proxy Server ***** using INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PROXY
      20160808181056I#05784NAINET  No resume download needed, calling InternetOpenUrl
      20160808181056I#05784NAINET  Resolving name ****** to address
      20160808181056I#05784NAINET  Name resolved to *****
      20160808181124E#05784NAINET  HTTPConnection.cpp(3045): InternetOpenUrl failed on Server: update.nai.com:80, error msg:
      20160808181124I#05784NAINET  Failed to download the URL /Products/CommonUpdater/catalog.z using Wininet
      20160808181124I#05784NAINET  Trying to download using windows socket library
      20160808181124I#05784NAINET  Connecting to Real Server: update.nai.com on port: 80
      20160808181124I#05784NAINET  Connecting to Proxy Server:***** on port: 8080
      20160808181124I#05784NAINET  Connected to Proxy Server: ***** on port: 8080
      20160808181124I#05784NAINET  Sending HTTP GET Request Header. No Authentication used
      20160808181227E#05784NAINET  HTTPConnection.cpp(1958): Unknown HTTP status code 504 encountered
      20160808181227I#05784INETMGRDownload file catalog.z failed in session 1, nainet ret=12002.
      20160808181227e#05784SITEMGRMirrorThreadProc: Download file catalog.z from McAfeeHttp failed, hr=-2147467259
      20160808181227I#05784NAINET  HTTP Session closed



      Kindly help in resolving the issue.

      Thanks for your help in advance.