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    Why no McAfee Live Safe for Windows 8.1 RT and Windows Phones?


      One of the reasons I chose to purchase a subscription to McAfee Live Safe was the enticement of being able to protect my other devices on the same subscription for no additional fees. Now that I have purchased and activated/verified my subscription on a newly purchased HP Windows 10 desktop that included a 30 day free trial of McAfee Live Safe, I attempted to download and install McAfee Live Safe on my Nokia 2520 Windows 8.1 RT tablet and my Nokia 521 Windows 8..1 phone. Lo and behold, McAfee Live Safe cannot be installed on these devices. The installation file downloads, but when I try to run the installation program, I get an error message telling me that the program will not run on the OS for these devices and to go to the Windows Store to download a compatible app. Of course, there is none in the Windows Store.


      It would be nice if McAfee would create an app that would run on Windows 8.1 RT and Windows Phone devices. I know that we users of these devices are in the minority compared to those who use Android OS devices or Apple OS devices, but I will bet that there are others out there like me who use these Microsoft devices for the convenience that they offer.


      It would also have been nice for McAfee to inform me before the fact that these devices are not supported by McAfee Live Safe BEFORE I chose to purchase a subscription to McAfee Live Safe and believed their claim to be able to download this protection to my other devices.