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    installed virus scanner unvailable


      hi all,


      i have finished to intall msms v3.5 on our sharepoint farm

      msms is installed on wfe (we have two wfe)

      on one of the wfe , we get this error when trying to upload document :

      reboot server does not solve.


      thanks in advance for your advices.

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          Are there errors relat to this in event log or in the MSMS product log (interface - settings & diags - product log)


          If you look in Task manager there should be a process called "PsPickerx64Srv.exe"  is this running with an account that has access to the SQL Database??


          If not using an account with access or running with system account the OAS may not be working.


          You can change the account details using SetSQLAct.exe

          Run cmd prompt with full admin

          cd down to <msms install folder>\bin 


          SetSqlAct.exe /USER=<username> /PASSWORD=<password> /DOMAIN=<domain>


          You may want to test with Farm Admin first. You can change the account at any time using same tool.

          Ensure again in task manager that the PsPickerx64srv is changed user - if not try stopping the service - ensure the process shuts down and then restarting service.

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            hi Aidan,


            No trace log in event log
            No trace log in msms log

            "PsPickerx64Srv.exe" is runing with farm credentials.

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              Is it reproducible with any files or specific file(s) only??


              Maybe you could consider

              Stop McAfee Portalshield Service in services applet

              Check task manager ensure following processes leave task manager or kill if they remain :-

              safeservice.exe, rpcserv.exe(2), postgres.exe (several) & PsPickerx64Srv.exe

              Set up debug logs in regist (or in ePO) - as service is not running local interface will be unavailable - use local folder such as c:\mcafee\debug

              McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to enable Security for SharePoint diagnostic logging

              Start Service again - ensure the processes listed all rturn to Task Manager.

              Perform upload of file that causes issue.

              Stop logging

              Open a case with support supply MER and debug logs

              Also report any issue encountered - such like some processes did not dies from task manager or did not return on service restart.

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                Hi aidan


                That was reproduced with any file !


                I decided (before reading your reply) to re-start installation of MSMS3.5 on that server.

                So i uninstall MSMS3.5 via windows control panel programs & feature

                i then install MSMS3.5 using setup.exe

                Now i blocked on this :

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                  When you deinstalled - did this leave behind the original install folder - default is c:\program files (x86)\mcafee\mcafee portalshield\

                  If you have other mcafee products install you probabl need c:\program files (x86)\mcafee

                  Make sure the old folder structure is removed for msms  looks like is failing to write to <install folder>\bin

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                    done by deleting <install folder>\bin and registry hlm\software\wow64\mcafee\portalshiel

                    re-install successed