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    Browsers in True Key


      Can I changer my browser in True Key back to Firefox?  It now defaults to IE when logging on to a userid.

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          I moved this to True Key for better attention.

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            Choosing the default web browser is a browser setting and has nothing to do with True Key per se (other than when you click on a True Key login, it opens the login in the default browser).


            In my Firefox (v 48.0), I see the setting in the menu (the "hamburger" icon at the top right) and choose Options.  In the General tab, click the "Make Default" button at the top right corner. 



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              Thanks for suggestion.  I can confirm that Firefox is my default browser.  Until a few weeks if I logged, via True Key, it would always load my Firefox browser.  I should be on the latest version on Firefox and have used it for many years.  Is the latest version of Firefox compatable with True Key?    

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                To answer your question, True Key is compatible with the latest Firefox  (I'm writing this reply on Firefox 48.0 on which I signed into via True Key


                First, I did have to change Firefox to be my default (it's usually Chrome on this Win 8.1 machine).

                Important: when I clicked the Make Default button that I mentioned before, I had to make selections on  another screen that Firefox presented to change HTTP and HTTPs to open in Firefox and then click Save.   Then it opened the link for this thread in Firefox, which then allowed me to log in using True Key.



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