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    How to complete installation of mcafee antivirus plus on win 7 pro sp1?


      I know it was quite an old question but I couldn't seem to make it work somehow. Initially I used a Windows 7 ultimate pirated os on my laptop and mcafee worked perfectly fine. Recently I bought a genuine Windows 7 pro sp1 and I installed on my laptop. I did all the Windows update, run the mpcr program, and the installer stuck at downloading installing files when the download bar is full. It hang there and I couldnt use my laptop at all even for shutting down. The ctrl-alt-delete doesn't work at that time too. It gets my screen black with an error message which I couldn't remember what it says. Something like "the logon is unable to display...." And I had to do hard reset. So help!

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          back again! I did some Google and find out that the windows 7 pro service pack 1 that I have has kb976902. one of the web claim that it creates endless loop for Windows update. However I couldn't uninstall it because it was installed from my installation dvd. I tried silly methods of removing any files todo with that kb976902 and couldn't restore them back from the recycle bin. I end up restore my system. I realized deleting the files do not solve my Windows update problem. So, I basically change the setting to never check or download any Windows update. So, I tried to reinstall mcafee from my account online and it works! Before that I updated my IE 8 to IE 11. So, my installation problem is solved somehow by changing the setting of Windows update to never update.

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            Moved to Consumer General as a better spot for it.

            Glad you solved the McAfee issue, however I do not advise you to have Windows Update turned off.

            There are 2 places you can go for help.  My first choice would be Intel (McAfee) Technical Support, it's free by phone or online chat: Technical Support/Customer Service

            For Windows 7 Update issues my 2nd choice would be:  Windows 7 Help Forums

            Plus let's not forget that Microsoft offer free support for update issues too.

            You could also try running the Windows Update repair tool found in Control Panel > Troubleshooting or simply type Troubleshooting in the Start button box and select it above.

            The WU one is under System and Security.