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    Cannot Install Enterprise Antivirus 8.8


      Hi All,


      Searched, but didn't see a problem quite like this.


      This is a newly formatted HP Win 7 Enterprise laptop using a network image.  Was able to install DLP and Encryption, but HIPs and A/V 8.8 will not install.

      Get error at EPO console: Error occurred while installing VIRUSCAN8800.


      What I tried:

      Uninstall both from admin console.  Install again from console.  Failed.

      Manual uninstall and CClean to remove from registry and manually remove folders in Programs (x86).

      Reinstall McAfee agent to trigger install of AV and HIPs.  Runs but fails with same error.

      Installed AV and HIPs with executables locally on laptop and gets to about 3/4 complete, then says, "Rolling Back".


      Logs haven't been that helpful to me, but needed I'll post them.