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    Does a Livesafe subscription really only allow one True Key account?


      I've had a McAfee account for many years, and currently am in my second year of a LiveSafe subscription on the basis that it is for the whole family and covers all of our PCs, Tablets and phones.  It also includes a password manager, which I have been trying to get my wife to use, so she set up an account when it replaced the old SafeKey.


      I have been using a different password manager, but thought that it might make sense to cancel renewal on that and install True Key, on the basis that I am already paying for it within LiveSafe.


      I was rather surprised to find that on installation, True Key opened and pretty much forced me to sign in to one web site, with a statement that I have 14 of 15 freemium logins available.  When I tried to use the activation code from my account - which shows "Licenses:  1 of 50 in use" - it said the code had already been used.


      So it appears that it isn't 50 licences.  It seems to be 50 stations on one licence.


      Can anyone confirm?  Is it 50 licences, or something FAR less useful.  I certainly don't want the whole family having my passwords, and I cannot imagine that many users of LiveSafe would be happy with that.


      Having said that, the True Key app pops up so regularly even when I'm not logging in to anything, that I do not think I could live with it.