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    Problems with TuneUp Utilities (by AVG Technologies)


      I have TuneUp on Dell desktop and on Acer laptop. With Dell desktop, running Windows 7, TuneUp works fine. On the Acer laptop, running Windows Vista, one section of the TuneUp program has stop scanning lately, namely: “Clean up Windows and Programs”.
      If I deselect such part on the “Optimize” section (by deselecting it on the 1-Click Maintenance), then the “Scanning” on the Dashboard will run its course successfully. If I do not deselect such part, then the scan will remain “scanning” on that part indefinitely.
      All other sections work fine, including updates.

      Now, for the curious part:

      The antivirus  I have is "McAfee Internet Security Suite". If I disable it on the Laptop (by turning off "Real-Time Scanning" and the "Firewall"), and then restart the laptop with the antivirus disabled, I am able to run successfully "Clean up Windows and Programs".
      It would appear (maybe) that some update of the antivirus or of the Windows Vista (or both) are conflicting with TuneUp Utilities.
      Any suggestion on how to solve this issue?