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    McAfee VPN




      I will share this idea and hope from McAfee to make it as a software that will help millions of users worldwide:


      We all know public wifi is very risky, and we all know McAfee as a big name in security market, so, we need from Intel Security to develop a software for (mobile and computer) users, that let users to feel safety when travelling, browsing, banking, emails.............. etc. which is VPN


      VPN tool from McAfee will be good advantage to users.


      McAfee VPN should made to use and support all platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, Apple ios) this tool will make a positive advantage as McAfee is the leader in the security software, I think this tool should be here at McAfee.


      Please all share this idea to mcafee developers.


      Is it possible to see McAfee VPN ??