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    RSD 2.0 automatic responses

      RSD 2.0 automatic responses...

      I use these a lot in my 3.6.1 install and I was looking forward to them in 2.0.

      Apart from the fact that they seem to have removed the option to filter on organisation, relying instead on OUI numbers (way to go as some large companies have 30-40 OUI numbers assigned to them!!)

      I just cant get the autoresponses to actually do anything :confused:

      Ive set up enabled responses for things like linux, router, printer OS platforms (as are detected ) to set them as exceptions. But even when I clear out all the known rogues and let it repopulate they dont actually seem to be doing anything.

      Has anyone else been able to get automatic responses working well? if so any tips?
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          All the responses except the OUI ones do seem to be working, although they take a painfully long time to action, and there doesnt seem to be an option to apply them immediately as in the previous version.

          Anyone else managed to get OUI responses to work?