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    Can't open VirusScan Console 8.5 Enterprise

      Using ePO 3.6.1 with VirusScan 8.5i Enterprise.

      On some machines, I cannot open the VirusScan Console at all. I click on console, I look for the actual mcconsole.exe file and try to execute it (with all types of rights) and the console just doesn't open.

      I try to run an update, and for some reason it does say that it is updated with the latest DAT file but when running reports, it shows that it is out of date.

      The only other strange thing I notice is this error message when attempting to update:

      "Update list doesn't exist or is empty. Performing one-click update."

      I've noticed that on the machines in which I cannot open the VirusScan Console, this error message pops up when attempting an update.

      Any suggestions?
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          Are the machines managed by EPO?
          These machines arent using a customised package of VSE with the console disabled and then once they talk to EPO the EPO policies allow it? and so for some that arent talking to EPO you cant access the console?

          can you bring up the agent GUI with the cmdagent.exe /s ?
          are the problem machines updateing from EPO?
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            The machines are managed by the ePO in the sense that the agent does communicate with the ePO server. I don't believe the policies are being applied but I'm not sure. Definitely the agent shows that it is communicating with the ePO server via the ePO console.

            Yes, I can bring up the agent GUI via cmdagent.exe /s and also by just right clicking the "M" icon.

            What do you mean if the problem machines are updating via ePO? I can see that the agent communication date is the last current date, but as far as updating the VS console and the policies, I can't tell.