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    Unable to communicate with the McAfee GTI server. File reputation will not be available.




      We have encountered the following error with Application Control 6.2 and 7.0 where the GTI cloud server is not available and GTI reputation for inventory cannot be populated.

      During the deployment and install of MAC 6.2, it has created an automated entry in the ePO > Registered Servers > McAfee GTI Server. All the settings are automatic and nothing has been changed.

      We didn't bother to check back then if the connection to the GTI was okay or not and we have issues now where the inventory from the endpoints is collected, but nothing is populated in the Application Control > Inventory list.

      In the MAC Options policy > Reputation tab it is set to collect reputation from GTI cloud, but it does not work as expected.


      Is MAC 6.2/7.0 no longer supported for GTI reputation and why is our Inventory list not populated correctly??


      Please assist!