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    Problem to gets events from log file with Mcafee receiver


      I installed Mcafee Esm siem appliance version: 9.6
      Also installed Mcafee collector version 11 on windows servers 2012
      Our servers its on same Vlan so we have no firewalls and any protection application that can block the traffic.

      We created a new datasource for Mcafee collector server on siem server.
      Also we configured mcafee collector to communicate with the main server.

      Its looks like its connected and running.

      we configured new profile to monitor local test log file as Generic log tail  [all its validated and enabled] and it’s the same port for MEF.
      Our problem that we not receive any event from the collector.

      We need your help to solve the probem.

      Im just trying to collect events from log file [not windows log]
      You have any tutorial to configure file [xml,txt,sql or whatever] that i can get events with the collector to my esm?