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    Is McAfee installed or not?


      Purchased a "key card" from Amazon for Total Protection 2016.

      I read and followed the instructions.

      After the uninstall, the computer was restarted.

      The install began.............the install ended and I was told I was now protected.

      There is an icon on the desktop showing all is good.

      About 30 seconds after I was told the installed worked I got an e-mail with a link

      telling me

      "Thank you for choosing McAfee. Here are your download links. You can use them to easily protect more devices and access additional features available with McAfee® Total Protection. Just open this email on the device you want to protect and start downloading — there’s no extra charge to take advantage of it.

      The link took me to my account.


      I do not have a smart phone or tablet I wish to protect. I do have two other computers I want to protect.

      What "other" features will I be downloading and WHY is it issuing another serial number?

      Please give me a simplified explanation.




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