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    How to migrate data from DAS-25 to DAS-50 enabling removal of DAS-25


      Have a DAS-25 attached to ELM #1 in SIEM environment that I am an admin for. Capacity level nearing ~80%, to alleviate this the company has purchased a larger DAS-50 unit, arriving soon.

      ELM #2 also has a DAS-25 but currently much lower utilization (~30%) but majority of new data sources being added to this ELM and the receivers that feed it.

      All but a miniscule amount of space on the ELM #1 DAS-25 is already configured, assigned to a single storage pool with 1 year retention.

      Ultimate goal is to remove DAS-25 from ELM #1 and attach to ELM #2 to effectively double capacity on both to 50TB of space.  End state should be ELM #1 with a single 50 TB DAS unit, ELM #2 will have two 25 TB DAS units.

      To be clear, the ELM units are each independent of one another (although managed by same ESM) and not redundant in any way.




      1. WIll the ELM have to be shutdown to connect the DAS-50?  Will it have to be shutdown to remove the DAS-25?

      2. Would I mirror the existing storage pool onto the DAS-50 once it is connected?

           If yes, how do I then subsequently remove the DAS-25 side of the mirror to free up the DAS-25 unit?

           If no, what is the correct process?  Is there a document that describes how to accomplish the intended goal?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance that anybody in the community may be able to provide.

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          Its doable, however you would need Profession Services and Support to help you out on this task.

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            Is your data / storage pool simply using allocations from the DAS, or are you mirroring to the DAS (you asked about a mirror near the end).


            Yes - you will need to power off the ELM to remove / attach the DAS units, as they are SCSI attached, and when you attach the second DAS to the one ELM, you will need a second SCSI card (which should come with every DAS).

            Note - you should power up the DAS first, and then the ELM, or the system may not recognize the storage if done in reverse.


            You could open a ticket with support to request assistance.


            In theory you could setup the DAS-50 to be a mirror of the current DAS-25, once the data is replicated, fail-over to the DAS-50, break the mirror, then move the DAS-25 to the other ELM, of course you would have to wipe the data from it to regain the space.