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    Fluctuating compliant machine count

      ePO 4.0
      WinXP clients

      We have about 1000 machines online at any given time during business hours. However, ePo never reports that many machines being compliant. In fact, it has never reported more that 700 compliant machines. And that number can go as low as about 375, then an hour later be as high as 650, then back down to 425 an few hours later. This has been the case with ePo 3.6 and 4.0. We know our users don't turn their machines off an on that often, and I'm not sure that would even cause this issue. There doens't appear to be any hourly timing on this. It just happens here and there.

      Any ideas how to remedy this fluctuation? We cover multiple subnets and have ePo running AD-Dis every afternoon. It picks up new machines and installs clients, yet our numbers never seem right.