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    True Key - does it ever work??


      I jsut switched about 6 hours ago from Password Box to True key.  Migration was very easy and was feeling confident.  Was able to use True key-stored passwords on my Mac on both  Chrome & Firefox Browser as well as my iPhone app.


      Now none of them work.  Only reply from browser is "Something Went Wrong".  iPhone App alternates between "System Error" and "Something went wrong. Error Code OA-4999.  Anyone know what this means??


      Tried technical support via chat...twice.  Both time I waiting over 5 mins for a support rep.  Both times, it timed out stating the session has exceeded the maximum allowed waiting time.


      Decided to try phone support.   Call the Phone number on True Key Customer Support website.  After a couple of minutes holding, the tech support person got my info and concluded I didn't have an account.  I explained that I did have an account as I migrated from PWB.  She said, oh this is not the support for True Key (even though the number is on the true key support web site.  She was happy to transfer me to True Key support.  Now on hold 25 minutes listening to their hold music.


      Wondering if the whole True Key system is down?  Does this happen often?  I'm not able to log into any of my internet accounts as all my passwords are in True key.


      Regretting the migration earlier today.  Oh if I could only do it over again!

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