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    EPO suck in pending while uploading VSE to Linux



        When I try to deploy VSE to some of my Linux computers the progress gets stuck in pending.

         I have multiple Linux computers running McAfee Agent on them.

      I can observe that most of them are running correctly via ePO V5.3.1.

      But some of them are not getting the VSE uploaded to them.

      They are sending their one hour periodic status message.

      And I believe that they are automatically supposed to receive VSE when they join the ePO but they are not getting it.

      So I have been going to Product Deployment and starting up a new deployment.

      I have tried this several times using different options but usually fixed.

      These are Linux computers so there are some limitations.

      I have also checked the Linux computers themselves and observed the status of cma.

      It says cma (pid XXXX) is running ...

      Any suggestions on how to get the VSE loaded onto my Linux computers via the ePO and/or get it out of pending while doing a product deployment?