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    Unable to load the tree. null (when expanding the "McAfee Groups" section of Queries & Reports) - but with ePO 5.1.3b188




      we have the problem which is described in McAfee KB85252. Solution 1: Update to ePO 5.1.3, solution 2: Update to ePO 5.3.1


      The current ePO Version we us is ePO 5.1.3 Build 188 and the last update we did was the last HF for ePO 5.1.3 (Java Update), provided by McAfee via the Downloadsection via valid grant number. So: What to do when solution 1 is in place and we do not want to install 5.3.1? Any suggestions which could prevent us from opening a Service Request?


      But at least we do know now our Update Check is flawed and we have to add controlling the query and report section after every update.