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    Workaround for KB87371: Unable to save a process or file path in the On-Access Scan policy




      just came across that problem and after searching what the problem may is, I found that KB entry. (We had done a fresh 5.3.2 install and migrate/transfer agents from the old ePO – so I first though maybe it was my fault)


      As I had to add some changes quickly and cannot wait for the hotfix, I did the following workaround:


      • Export Policies (VSE e.g.).
      • Open that saved xml file and look for the right section –e .g. (or just look for some known process entry)


      <Section name="Server_Trusted-Application">

      <Setting name="dwApplicationCount" value="2"/>

      <Setting name="szApplicationItem_0" value="some.exe"/>

      <Setting name="szApplicationItem_1" value="other.exe"/>



      Add a new

      <Setting name="szApplicationItem_X" value="Y"/>


      Replace X with the next number, depending on how much entries do you have. Replace Y with process name.

      Don’t forget to increase value of dwApplicationCount to number of entries (see example above. Entries are starting from 0, 1, … but total number is 2)


      • Save file
      • Import polices (only select that policy you have modified)