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    Problems - In Place upgrade to windows 10


      When the CM team does the upgrade, they are doing an "in-place-upgrade", which is basically, upgrading a windows 7 machine to windows 10 using OSD. The problem occurs when the upgrade is completed, and they start to move over the profile, all of the printers, printer spoolers, etc are corrupted. When this happens, they cannot get it back, so you have to re-image.

      We think it's a McAfee problem, because if the tech manually takes off all the McAfee products (add/remove), then runs the upgrade everything upgrades/moves over like magic. No problems.

      So we tried to run a script that will take off the McAfee products during the upgrade, but it doesn't finish the upgrade. Something is stopping it from moving all the drivers/printers/spoolers over and it looks like one of the McAfee products. Has anyone seen this before?