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    TIE/DXL Setup Query


      Hi All,


      I would like to know i have deployed DXL client to the endpoint and The DXL shows as connected in the Mcafee agent window. Do i also need to deploy TIE VSE module, when i deployed TIE VSE module post DXL client deployment the task shows

      completed but i dont get to see the TIE VSE module in the mcafee agent about window ? Am i missing here something i went through the product guide but it doesnt say much on Deploying the TIE VSe module post DXL client deployment. I would really appreciate if someone could

      advice me on what do i got to do ?


      In addition to the above query i would also want to know in the TIE management policy i see Advance threat detection server https://server/port >> Does this imply the TIE server ? or a different server address altogether.


      Your response will be highly appreciated.




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          It might help to see your deployment task.  What versions of VSE and Agent do you have deployed?


          The Advanced Threat Detection server is a separate product.  It's a malware detonation sandbox that works directly with TIE to classify executable files.  If you don't have an ATD server, you should not configure one here in the TIE config.

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            I have pushed agent 5.0.3 i believe as per the product doc the agent version should be 5.x . Do i also need to push VSE 8.8 along with TIE module for VSE to the endpoint systems ?


            Endpoint systems: VSE 8.8 + TIE module for VSE + DXL client ? is this what goes in to the client systems ?




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              Oh yes.  TIE module for VSE requires VSE.  It's a module for VSE, so VSE needs to be installed first.


              TIE for VSE only supports VSE 8.8 Patch 5 and up (or Patch 4 with a specific hotfix).